Police Raid at Peddler's Inn

Numerous complaints led to a raid Thursday that resulted in arrests and fewer drugs and weapons on the streets. The raid came after complaints from residents, fed up businesses owners, even the Mayor's office. Activity at the Peddlers Inn on Mobile Highway has been under investigation for the past month. According to the police chief, complaints were made to the mayor's office and some business owners said they just couldn't take it anymore.

Thursday morning police hit the streets armed with warrants. After searching the motel, the surrounding area and questioning several people on outstanding warrants, police made some arrest. They also confiscated drugs and guns. According to police, crime in this area is an ongoing problem but today, police made their presence know. The department's narcotics unit, SWAT  team and CTR team all participated in today's crackdown.

Montgomery Police Chief Art Baylor says, "There are prostitutes out there people selling drugs using drugs, and we're going to do everything we can to take them out the streets and put them in our jails." The owner of the Peddler's Inn says he has tried and has been unsuccessful in trying to crackdown on crime at his business. He says he consistently calls police. In fact, he says he called just yesterday. At this time we are told he will not be charged, but the investigation into criminal activity in the area continues.