Editorial: America the Bountiful

Editorial               America the Bountiful                   7-3-08

We Americans are a gluttonous bunch.

We consume more oil than any country in the world.

As we celebrate our nation's birthday this weekend, remember our pioneering spirit.

Getting back to it will help us conserve more, develop more, and ultimately, depend less on other countries, who now supply 75% of our oil.

Conservation was a way of life for Americans throughout much of our earliest days.

Now that we are older, we are slacking a bit in that area!

Developing our resources has and always will be one of our strongest assets.

Technology exists now to drill for oil off our shores more safely and effectively and it makes sense to use it.

Technology exists to utilize more alternative fuel sources and it makes sense to do that as well.

We've been an innovative country for 232 years so surely we can find more gasoline substitutes and make cars even more fuel efficient.

Of course, the early Americans rode horses and walked a lot.  Couldn't hurt to take a cue from them and walk more, bike more, and drive less!

Might want to start this weekend!