Three People "OK" after Lightning Strike

Alexander City, Al. (WSFA) -- Wind Creek State Park quickly became a danger zone Friday night.

As a storm front pushed through the area, a bolt from above struck a tree.  Three campers in a nearby tent felt the shock.

"We had to transport one [person] to the Emergency Room at Russell Medical Center," explained Jimmy Shivers, park superintendent.

Amazingly, all three victims are fine.  None of them suffered a direct hit, but sudden severe weather comes as no surprise to park officers.

"There's always the chance that you'll have an afternoon thunderstorm pop up," Shivers said.

Still, the scare has campers cutting their Fourth of July weekend short.  With trees acting as virtual lightning rods around the campground, many visitors are afraid another storm will come.

"There were some [people] who asked about the weather.  We told them they were predicting some afternoon thunder storms," Shivers explained.

"They said, 'We're not going through that again.'"

For those vacationers dead set on relaxation, however, the best remedy is common sense.

"It's typical summer weather.  It heats up during the day, and it comes and gets you at night," explained Florida resident Robert Borsky.

"It just makes you smarter.  You clean up your area and get ready for it again," he said.

That's a stance the park hopes visitors will take as Independence Day weekend continues.

Reporter: Cody Holyoke