Congressman Everett: Stop the Negative Ads

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- Congressman Terry Everett is calling on both republican candidates, who are vying for his soon-to-be empty District 2 Congressional seat, to stop the mudslinging.

State Senators Jay Love and Harri Anne Smith are in a heated battle to take the seat, and accusations between the two are flying as the run-off election rapidly approaches.

On Tuesday Everett released the following statement:

"The tone of the runoff campaign for the Second District Congressional seat has taken a highly negative and unacceptable path.  Our country is facing crucial turning points and the issues confronting America and the people of the Second District should take precedence over the attack ads, thinly disguised as comparison ads, that are being aired by both candidates.

"This intra-party split must end and the two campaigns should focus the remaining days of the race to talking about what each candidate will do to help solve some of the problems our great country and this district are facing.

"To that end, I am calling for both candidates to immediately take down their negative ads, which are actually instruments of personal destruction for the sake of a political win, and instead focus on the issues.

"The voters want and need to hear your vision for our region and the nation.  The voters have a right to know what your plans are to help solve some of the challenges that lie ahead.

"I know first-hand the high honor and awesome responsibility that comes with election by the people of the Second District to represent them in the U.S. House.  Next week, the runoff campaign will close and we will turn our attention toward the General Election.  I ask, again, as a voter and a constituent, that both candidates for this office focus on the issues and behave in a manner that reflects well on our party, our state, and most importantly, the people we represent."

WSFA 12 News contacted the Love and Smith campaigns for their response.

Senator Smith tells us she is pulling all her negative advertisements from Montgomery television stations as of Tuesday.

Senator Love, in a statement, promised he would pull any advertisments that were responses to Smith's ads once his camp received notification that her ads had stopped airing.