Editorial: Hurricane Preparedness

2005 Katrina, $75 billion, 1200 deaths

2005 Dennis, over $2 billion, 42 deaths

2004 Ivan, $14 billion, 92 deaths

1995 Opal, $3 billion, 59 deaths

1979 Frederic, $2.3 billion, 5 deaths

These were all huge hurricanes that hit Alabama, among other states.

How many families do you think were really prepared when they hit?

June 1st marked the beginning of hurricane season in the Atlantic and just this week Bertha, the first hurricane, has developed.

It doesn't take long to pre- prepare for a hurricane... you need a family disaster plan, you need to pick up a few items from the grocery store, and you need to stay informed.

This is also good pre-preparation for tornados and other disasters.

Considering the threat that hurricanes pose to property and life, isn't it a good idea to be prepared no matter what this hurricane season holds?

As always, you can find information on hurricane preparedness and a new interactive hurricane tracking map on our website, wsfa.com.