A Look At Living In Downtown Montgomery; Is It Worth The Rent?

We begin our story on the second floor of what used to be Montgomery Fair, a long time department store on 22 Monroe Street.  A second floor apartment, still under construction but just rented out to a gentleman who's going to pay $660 a month for 560 square feet.

"It truly has a loft feel. 20 foot ceilings, an open kitchen," said Beau Daniel of Foshee Management Company that will manage the property.

In essence one huge room with a bedroom. The apartment fronting Monroe Street clearly has a better view but at a higher price; $925 a month, 785 square feet of living space. The rent includes the parking which is typically in the back of the loft apartments. So is it worth the money?

"Downtown living is not for everyone. I'll be the first to admit that. They give up on conveniences like a neighborhood grocery store but a lot of people are very busy. They have a lot of spare time on weekends and they don't have to worry about maintenance," said Daniel.

The loft apartments are 3 weeks away from being finished and they'll look something like the completed lofts at 246 North Court Street.

"Here we have concrete flooring, exposed bricks and granite counter tops," Daniel said.

While the 50 loft apartments in downtown Montgomery all offer charm and simple living, we found one loft that offers something a little more and we found it right back where we started at 22 Monroe Street.

"This is an old vault," said Daniel.

A touch of the past, Montgomery Fair's old vault. The loft with the vault? $885 a month.

"You walk right through and it's all part of the room in the same loft apartment," said Daniel.

A combination of charm and history. And speaking of history, someone famous worked at the Montgomery Fair; Rosa Parks, employed as a seamstress.

Daniel, meantime, is predicting there will be a neighborhood grocery store not far from the old department store within 18 months.