New Flyer Hits Mailboxes Attacking Jay Love

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- More controversy to report in Decision 2008. A new political flyer is hitting mailboxes in District 2, causing new friction between the two republican candidates for congress.

The Jay Love campaign provided the flier to WSFA 12 News, which asks the question "Why is Jay Love allowing big government to seize your homes and property?"

The flier also quotes State Senate Bill 4-6-6.

WSFA 12 News looked into Senate Bill 4-6-6, and it turns out 466 was a bill to increase court costs for Tuscaloosa County.

The Harri Anne Smith campaign tells us that was a typo and it should have been State Senate Bill 4-4-6, regarding limiting eminent domain.

According to legislative records Love voted "no" to the bill and Smith voted "yes".

The Love campaign is also upset that the flyers are arriving after both sides vowed to end negative, attack ads, on Wednesday.

Scott Beason with the Smith campaign says the flyers were sent out before the truce was reached.

Michael Lowery with the Love campaign calls the fliers wildly inaccurate and says the Smith camp has broken its pledge.