Guest Editorial: Emergency Vehicles Right of Way

On a warm Thursday evening last week I went out for a walk and heard the screaming sirens of a Fire Engine and stopped at the curb to see which direction it was coming from.

I noticed that several cars did not stop or slow down but kept moving ahead of the firemen.

One motorist in the middle lane pulled to the right-hand side and about five cars went with him.

This was a man who knows that you MUST stop for emergency vehicles or risk getting a ticket for not moving over for emergency vehicles.

Ambulances have it worse because people often have to try to pull over in the middle of busy intersections to let them by.

Crack your window just a bit and turn your music down to hear the sound of on-coming traffic.

Finally, if you walk as I do and have to cross a busy street, ALWAYS use the cross walk.

Pedestrians who risk crossing in the middle of oncoming traffic to get to the other side can get hit by someone that fails to yield the right of way.

Remember: YIELD the right of way to emergency vehicles.

They just might be headed to YOUR house!

I'm Rose McCall