General Takes Final Flight, Chooses Fort Rucker

General Richard Cody takes his last flight.
General Richard Cody takes his last flight.

Fort Rucker, Al. (WSFA) -- The Army's Vice Chief of Staff took his last flight as an Army aviator Friday at Fort Rucker.

General Richard Cody has been in active military service for 36 years, and has logged 5,000 hours of flight time.

After he landed soldiers sprayed him down with water, a tradition for pilots after their last flight.

General Cody says he chose Fort Rucker because it has special meaning for him, "I said I'd really like to do my last flight here at Fort Rucker where I learned how to fly and it's real special to be able to leave the Army having a Captain son whose an instructor pilot teaching the next group of aviators to come up."

General Cody is a master aviator and during the first Persian Gulf war he and his co-pilot Brian Stewmon fired the first shots in that war.