Country Road Take Me Home....

At first glance it looks like a scene out of West Virginia, but it's actually Verbena, Alabama.   Ernie Moates drove trucks for years and he always loved driving through West Virginia.  He must have been playing close attention.

For the last 5 years Mr. Moates has been recreating the landscape and bridges of West Virginia.   Now his 90 car model train weaves its way through the mountainous landscape.  It's a sight to see.   He says he has more than $5,000 dollars invested in his super set up, but if you add in all the man hours, it's probably a million dollar project.

Watch the story and see for yourself.  With the help of John Denver you really do feel like you're in West Virginia.   If you want to see if for yourself, Ernie would love to have you.  Give him a call at:  (205) 755-4761.