Are You in Congressional District #2 or #3?

Depending on where you live in Montgomery, you may have more on your ballot than others. It all depends on where you live.

In fact, re-districting has done a number on congressional district two. That's the seat of the heated Republican runoff between Harri Anne Smith and Jay Love. District two has divided communities and neighborhoods to the point it's difficult to tell whether you're in the district or not.

Most of Montgomery County is in district three but areas to the north and west including much of the city of Montgomery are in district #2." The Director of Montgomery County Elections Trey Granger explains as he points to a green and grey map that's on the wall. "Bell Road west, Southern Blvd. north, with the exception of a few people, and those who are west of I-65 except a few are broad geographic areas. But, that doesn't hold true because as you can see the third congressional district which is represented here in this green color has a tail which slips right in the middle of the city of Montgomery. But, the grey area by and large is congressional district two."

Granger says he's hoping for more meaningful re-districting for 2010. He says the goal is for state house districts to fold into the state senate districts and senate districts would fold into congressional districts. That way he says there would be little if any confusion.

Cards were sent out to all of those who live in district two but if you're not sure if you received one you can call the Board of Registrars at (334) 832-1215.