Bizarre Pizza Store Robbery...Must Read

A Texas pizza store robbery that grabbed national attention has taken a bizarre twist.

Police in Denton, Texas say the would-be robber knocked out by a clerk at the Pizza Patron was the father of the cashier on duty, and that her mother and husband were also involved.

Benjamin Ramirez was arrested after clerk Rudy Sandoval fought back during the attempted robbery, knocking Martinez out cold.

Stephanie Martinez was working behind the register at the time, but claims she did not know her the robber was Ramirez, her father, until Sandoval's punches knocked off the wig and glasses he had used to disguise himself.

Ramirez regained consciousness and fled the store before police arrived, but witnesses followed the getaway car and were able to lead police to the trio.

Benjamin Ramirez, 41, Sonia Palacios, 38, and 26-year-old Jose Miquel Martinez were all arrested and charged with aggravated robbery.

Martinez was later freed on $50,000 bail, but Ramirez and Palacios are still being held on immigration charges.

Investigators say they currently do not believe that Stephanie Martinez knew her family was planning to rob the restaurant where she worked and don't plan to file charges against her.