Escapee Surrenders to Montgomery Police

Courtesy: Montgomery Police Department
Courtesy: Montgomery Police Department

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- The man who managed to pull his hands free from handcuffs and walk right out the front door of the Montgomery City Jail, has walked through those doors once again.

25-year-old Jeremy Gunter turned himself in to authorities at police headquarters Tuesday where he was booked into the jail on a Theft of Property 3rd Degree warrant.

On Saturday, Gunter somehow managed to pry his hands loose from the cuffs that were keeping him chained to a bench inside the booking area.

While officers were busy filling out paperwork on the suspect, he slipped loose from the cuffs and police custody.

In addition to the drug charges that he was being held on, an Escape 2nd Degree warrant was also added to his list of crimes.

Gunter has a hold for Montgomery County Detention Facility with no bond because of a probation violation.

Posted by Producer: John Shryock