A Nude Feud...

Can nudists and swingers live side by side?

That's the debate in Florida's Pasco County, where a a well-known "clothing optional" resort has parted ways with a nudist organization that has accredited it for years.

The Stanley Kubrick thriller "Eyes Wide Shut" starring Tom Cruise revealed a bizarre underworld of masquerade sex parties.

Borrowing from the movie, the upscale Caliente Resort is holding an "Eyes Wide Shut" party of its own this weekend.

It's a party that event promoter Aahz Party Lifestyle Group promises on its website will promote an "explosive sexual atmosphere".

Caliente Resorts spokeswoman Angye Fox says the theme parties are helping Caliente redefine itself for a younger generation.

"There's a big difference between 'sex sells', but sexy really sells and there's a line that cannot be crossed," Fox said.

Luring a younger crowd comes with a price.

For years the American Association for Nude Recreation gave its blessing to the upscale resort as a place where naturalists could shed their clothes in what was supposed to be a family-friendly environment.

Now Caliente has given up its membership after the association temporarily suspended its charter amid rumors of sex parties at the resort.

Fox says the parties are being misunderstood, and security guards remain on duty enforcing the 'no contact' rule in common areas.

"We have a very strict policy with regard to public displays of affection," Fox said.  "What they would do if they wanted to go back to hotel room or rented home they had, that's up to them.  This is America."

Catering to a younger audience appears to be working for Caliente.

The resort says revenue is up 120 percent.