$10,000 Theft at Montgomery Humane Society

It's an unthinkable crime. Who would steal from a group dedicated to helping animals? Someone stole $10,000 worth of pet carriers and crates from the Montgomery Human Society, and that leaves the animal lovers hoping there's not a major emergency requiring lots of cats and dogs to be moved at once.

Way behind the Humane Society's buildings, where all the dogs and cats are housed, is a place it uses for storage. Humane Society Director Steven Tears explains what happened there. "It is as it seems - a double wide trailer. I don't know if you can see but the door's been pried open."

And, inside of it, a room that was once filled with all different sizes of animal carriers and crates but they are now - gone.  "Just like these things (trash cans) right here - stacked to the ceiling. Cages were on the ceiling," says Tears.

It's estimated there were about 150 of them here. The Humane Society uses them for to house and transport animals in severe weather. Tears adds "People from Mississippi, the Gulf Coast, whatever Prattville, we were out there. We responded to that disaster. We just need them back so that we can continue helping the animals of our county and surrounding counties."

But, since there hasn't been any severe weather recently, no one has been to the storage trailer in months. So, the Humane Society doesn't know when they were taken. However, since no one knows about the storage area but employees, there are suspicions about who might have done it. "So the only people that know they are back here are employees or by word of mouth of our employees. So, do you think it was an employee who is guilty? That or a past employee. At least, that's where the information came from,"  says Tears.

And, there are suspicions about why it was done. "There's been a lot of transportation of dog fighting dogs. So, that would be the first thing that comes to mind."

The Humane Society says no one could have taken all of those pet carriers and crates without a large truck. So, they're asking if you saw anything suspicious around the Humane Society call Crimestoppers at 215-STOP.

In the meantime. the the Humane Society is asking for donations. If you have an extra or unneeded pet carrier or crate or would like to make a cash donation please contact the Montgomery Humane Society.

Reporter: Eileen Jones