NASCAR Driver's Plans to Reopen Montgomery Motor Speedway Stalled

The roar of the engines and the crowd: racing fans want to bring that back to Montgomery. A Nascar truck driver hopes to put cars back on the track at the Montgomery Motor Speedway. Thursday night he went before the Board of Adjustment to get a permit to resume operations, but some homeowners are out to block the plan.

During his early years, Crawford raced at the Montgomery Motor Speedway.  He wants to give other aspiring drivers that same opportunity. He told the board, "Many Nascar famed drivers came from Montgomery Speedway."

Some who live near the speedway want to stop Crawford in his tracks. They have four main concerns: traffic, noise, hours of operation and security. James DeClerk stated, "I was there before and I know they have a lot of noise and trouble. They didn't cut it off at a certain time."

After hearing both sides, the board stalled the drivers plans asking Crawford and the neighbors to negotiate. Negotiations immediately started. The two groups said they'll try to meet in the middle. "If we can open an entertainment complex at Montgomery Motor Speedway, then let's have some fun," said Crawford.

Crawford's plan may have hit a dead end. The contract with the current owner reads the sale must be finalized by the end of this month. The two say they'll try to work out an agreement.

The Board of Adjustment meets again in a month. WSFA 12 News we'll let you know if a decision is made.