Second Congressional District Candidates Worship At Same Church, Claim No Awkwardness

First Baptist Church On Perry Street In Montgomery Is Guaranteed A Congressman
First Baptist Church On Perry Street In Montgomery Is Guaranteed A Congressman

One is a Democrat, the other a Republican. Bobby Bright is 55 years old, Jay Love is 39. Both are battling for the same congressional office and both worship in the same church in downtown Montgomery.

"I don't think it's strange," said Republican nominee Love.

"I don't think it's odd either. I voted for him for deacon and he's a brother Deacon," said Democratic nominee Bright.

Bobby Bright's family sits in the middle towards the back. The Love family sits way back near the rear. Although they attend different services on Sunday mornings, they worship in the same church with the same pastor giving them the Word Sunday after Sunday.

"Pastors show no favorites. I minister to all of them," said First Baptist Church Pastor Jay Wolf.

Love says his rival is more of an acquaintance. Bright agrees although Montgomery's mayor voted for Love to become a church deacon.

Despite the political differences between the two, Love and Bright are promising an issue-driven race, no mud-slinging and any chance meeting on Sundays in the sanctuary will always be cordial.

"We'll shake hands and smile and it'll be cordial," said Love.

"I am very comfortable with this. I really am," Bright said.

In other words, a holy alliance on Sunday mornings.

The First Baptist Church has had its share of politicians over the years. Governors and at one time three state supreme court justices attended worship services.

Candidates Love and Bright say they do not plan to campaign on Sundays.