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Food for Thought: Back-to-school cafeteria edition

Health inspection scoring guide Health inspection scoring guide

Every Thursday on WSFA 12 News at 10, the 12 NEWS DEFENDERS brings you the latest restaurant health inspection scores from the Montgomery County Department of Public Health.

Before you pick a place to eat, catch the latest edition of Food For Thought.

If you don't see your favorite restaurant listed here visit the Montgomery County Health Department's web site where you will find an extensive archive of scores.

If you don't live in Montgomery County, you can search for your county's scores at the Alabama Public Health Department's web site.

High Grades

Wilson Elementary School 8900 New Park 99
St. James School 6010 Vaughn Road 99
Carver Elementary School 3100 Mobile Dr. 98
Evangel Christian Academy 3975 Vaughn Rd. 97
Brewbaker Tech. Magnet 4405 Brewbaker Dr. 97
Paterson Academy of Creative Education 3315 Hayneville Rd. 97
Jeff Davis High School 3420 Carter Hill Rd. 97

Low Grades

Carver High School 2001 W. Fairview Ave.

Milk at improper temperature; Employee food safety training not completed

Floyd Elementary School 630 Augusta Ave. Employee not wearing gloves while handling hot dogs/buns; Food at improper temperature 86
Southlawn Middle School 5333 Mobile Hwy. Corn dogs at improper temperature; Employee drink on food preparation table 89
Dozier Elementary School 200 East Blvd. Employee food safety training not completed; slicer & cooling racks not properly cleaned/sanitized 89

Source: Montgomery County Health Department

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