Retired School Teacher Killed In Her Own Home

A Retired School Teacher Becomes Tuskegee's Second Murder Victim Of The Year
A Retired School Teacher Becomes Tuskegee's Second Murder Victim Of The Year

By Bryan Henry - bio | email

Murder on Old Montgomery Highway.

"Whenever you have someone who dies in their home and the killer is not in custody, naturally there's a concern," said Tuskegee Police Chief Lester Patrick.

Investigators initially thought 79-year old Mary Hagins died when she couldn't get out of her house in time to escape the fire. But bruises to the body and a blow to the head removed all doubt Hagins was murdered in her own home. She was found on the kitchen floor. Chief Lester Patrick declined to say whether Hagins fought back.

"She knew this person. That's our belief. We don't have a motive right now. We do have two suspects and we've interviewed both of them.  At this time we haven't filed any charges," said Chief Patrick.

Investigators and neighbors say Mary Hagins was quiet, a homebody who often worked in her garden.

Camieka Perkins remembers Hagins well. Hagins was Perkins' 7th grade teacher 20 years ago.

"She really said what was on her mind. She kept us in line, a well-rounded lady," said Perkins.

And a mentor to the chief when he was growing up.

"Very  strict, very loving and very concerned about you," said Patrick.

Mary Hagins retired after more than 30 years in the classroom in Macon County. She taught English. Her retirement brutally stopped by someone she apparently knew and trusted.

This particular homicide hits close to Chief Patrick. Patrick and Hagins' late husband were cousins.