Magic Maid - Does It Work?

There are always new cleaning supplies out on the market but how about a new broom, duster, and window washer? Well it's not brand new but it is one of those as "seen on tv products". David Hagood puts the magic maid to the test. So you want a maid, but is the "Simoniz Magic Maid" the kind of maid your looking for? Its box says that it has electrostatic technology that offers magic cleaning power so we thought that we would put that claim to the test. First up... the kitchen floor. On this floor, you find everything from hair to bread crumbs to chips... and the magic maid is doing what any other mop or broom would do, certainly nothing magical. Now let's see if we can work some magic with the Simoniz Dust Demon. This time the ceiling fan is the recipient of the dust demon... and again, nothing magical, just your average feather duster would do the job. After changing out the attachment we'll try the squeegee. After spraying, the squeegee is doing a great job, but again nothing magical. So keep that 19 bucks in your pocket and keep using the cleaning supplies that you already own, because the Magic Maid has failed this Does It Work test. The Magic Maid was found at Rite Aid for about $19.99. If you have a product that you would like David to test out just drop him a line at