Pantyhose bandit leaves hosiery on street

Dozens of pantyhose have been left on a Milford, Massachusetts road causing sheer annoyance in the neighborhood.

The pantyhose, sometimes new, sometimes used, have been left on the street for three years.

Residents say they're almost always black and queen sized.

Resident Laurie Warich says she picked up 43 pairs in one day.

Police say they've done some investigating and talked to one suspect.

They admit they haven't pursued the case since the only crime is littering -- and they don't have the resources to focus on the case.

"For a while we thought it was a lady of the evening but a lady of the evening is on a tight budget or she wouldn't be working," said neighbor Ashlee Sigel.

That's left some neighbors discussing doing their own amateur sting with video cameras and walkie talkies to catch the culprit, whom they've dubbed the "Pantyhose Bandit."

Warich said the pantyhose dumping is "weird, it's odd, it's scary for the kids."