New birth control replaces tubal ligation

An ink pen is used to show the size of the new birth control.
An ink pen is used to show the size of the new birth control.

There is an FDA-approved birth control option for women with no pills, no patches and no hormones that many don't know about.

"I already have four children and I thought it was time to think about me, about my health, and that's why I decided to do it," Frisco, Texas mother Isabel Cobos said.

"We were definitely sure we wanted two and it was perfect that we had one boy and one girl,  best of both worlds," said 26-year-old mother Amanda Mount.

Both were looking for permanent birth control.

OBGYN Dr. William Salter recommended Essure, the first FDA approved sterilization procedure, which replaces tubal ligation.

"It used to be you had to have the surgery and recovery time. It wasn't cost effective for the patient to take time off from a new baby and be recovering from that," Salter said.

In 10 minutes, Mount had the procedure in her OBGYN's office with no anesthesia needed.

The doctor inserted spring-like coils, called micro-inserts, through the body's natural pathways and into the fallopian tubes.

Over time, the tubes will grow over the coils.

No other incisions are made.

Mount has recovered three months later, and no birth control will ever be needed again.

"Don't have to worry about having any more children. It's definitely worth it," she said.