Suspects Lead State Troopers on Chase Through Montgomery

By Sally Pitts - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Two men lead state troopers on a wild ride Wednesday afternoon. It happened along the Atlanta Highway and came to a crashing end in front of the Publix at the Taylor Road intersection.  The two men face some serious charges.

Sgt. Tracy Nelson says, "You never know what a violator will do." State Troopers say what the pair did was lead officers on a chase and put the public in danger. "They were trying to get themselves out of trouble," said Nelson.

Officials say a trooper on Interstate 85 South attempted to pull over a Dodge Charger for following too closely, but the driver refused to stop. "Once the blue lights came on, they decided to run," Nelson told us.

Troopers say the two men threw what appeared to be drugs or a gun out along the interstate. Nelson said "That has not been recovered."

According to troopers, the driver got off the Mitylene exit - going the wrong way down the Atlanta Highway.  Once in front of the Publix on Atlanta Highway, the driver and his passenger jumped out of the car - but the car kept going. "It was an unoccupied missile," said Nelson.

A trooper used his patrol car to ram the suspect's vehicle - stopping it in its tracks. "Protecting the public was his first instinct," Nelson said of the trooper.

Lynn McVey witnessed what happened next.  "I saw a swarm of police officers  tackle him," she recalls.

Troopers arrested both men, but say they didn't go down without a fight. They used their taser guns before taking suspects into custody.

Troopers say there are reports the car the suspects were driving may have been stolen, but haven't been able to confirm that yet.