Tennessee man uses newspaper ad to lash out at ex fiancee

A man who lashed out at his fiancée in a local newspaper for breaking up with him could face harassment charges.

When a couple gets engaged, these are the images we normally think of: a blushing bride and plans for an actual wedding.

But on July 9th, it wasn't an engagement photo that made the paper, but a photo posted along side something else: an announcement by Paul Lee Dunkel, better known as Pauly Bear, that his fiancée "Snoogums" had dumped him.

"I'm so sorry family and friends to waste your time," read the ad.

In the paid ad, Dunkel says he's happy the engagement was broken, calls the relationship a nightmare, and even leaves some cryptic messages that has most scratching their heads.

Snoogums was less than impressed by the ad herself which is why she filed harassment charges against Pauly Bear, and a civil suit.

She's also filing against all the newspapers who published this.

"She was absolutely mortified to see this come out in the newspaper and to see it on the internet. He was also on Craig's list, posting comments in their rants and raves section about her," said attorney Tim Hatton.

To make matters worse, Tammy Lapoint's attorney says there never was an engagement, a party, or any gifts to be returned.

He says the whole ordeal has left her scared about what else he may be do.

"Maybe he's just a bad apple. Maybe he's just unbalanced. We don't know at this point."

One thing most can agree to is that Pauly Bear probably won't land a new girlfriend anytime soon.