U.S. Marshals Help Butler County Authorities Break Kidnapping Case

Mitchell Gandy is accused of helping carry out the kidnapping. He's currently in a Florida jail.
Mitchell Gandy is accused of helping carry out the kidnapping. He's currently in a Florida jail.

By Bryan Henry - bio | email

GEORGIANA, AL (WSFA) - It started at a home on Washington Avenue in Georgiana.  Butler County authorities say Mitchell Gandy was part of a group that invited an acquaintance, Chris Bonner and his wife to come over for some beer before they returned to Florida.

"At first when Bonner and his wife got there they thought it was a joke," said Sheriff Kenny Harden.

But it turned out be a trap. Detectives say Gandy and two other men kidnapped the Bonners and robbed them of cash and jewelry behind Robert L. Austin Elementary School and it didn't stop there.

"They took the victims in a vehicle and drove them to a remote area of Highway 106 just west of Interstate 65. They ordered the Bonnors to take their shoes off and start running and they shot at them," Harden said.

The sheriff requested help from the U.S. Marshalls and he got it. Near the end of our interview with him, Harden received the call he had been waiting for. Mitchell Gandy, one of the 3 alleged suspects, is now in custody in Florida.

While Grandy sits in a Florida jail, Sheriff Harden showed us part of the evidence collected from the dirt road off Highway 106 where the Bonnors were taken; a tire track from a Dodge Durango, the very vehicle detectives believe the suspects borrowed to carry out their alleged crime.

"We were able to identify the vehicle. We found it and took photographs. They borrowed it but the owner had no idea what they were going to use it for," said Sheriff Harden.

One down, two more suspects to get.

It may be awhile before Gandy comes back to Butler County because he could fight extradition. Gandy was captured in a Pensacola, Florida motel room.

Sheriff Harden says the other two suspects are 19-year old Derrick Lee and 22-year old Steven Cobb.