Love Gets Everett Endorsement and $5,000 check from Congressional Republican Committee

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - The chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee promised Monday that the committee would pump about $80,000 each to GOP Congressional candidates trying to win to open seats in Alabama.

U.S. Rep. Tom Cole from Oklahoma visited Huntsville and Montgomery Monday and gave checks of $5,000 from the NRCC to 5th District GOP candidate Wayne Parker and to 2nd District candidate state Rep. Jay Love . Cole said the NRCC expects to put about $80,000 into each of the races before the Nov. 4 general election.

Love faces Democratic Party nominee Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright in the general election and Parker is opposed by Democratic state Sen. Parker Griffith.

Meanwhile, retiring 2nd District U.S. Rep. Terry Everett has endorsed Love in the race for Everett's seat in Congress. Everett joined Love at a news conference Monday in Daleville in southeast Alabama to throw his support behind Love. Everett is a Republican who has held the 2nd District seat for 16 years.