Are McCain, Obama close to picking Veeps?

In the race for the White House, what about the running mates??

Speculation grew Tuesday that John McCain might announce his vice presidential pick soon.

Barack Obama met, behind closed doors in Washington Tuesday with his vice presidential advisory team.

This is the biggest single move that McCain and Obama will make during this campaign and both are working in secret to get it right.
Barack Obama in Washington Tuesday, off the campaign trail.

He huddled for hours with his vice presidential search team.

On Obama's short list are said to be Senators Bayh, Biden, Clinton, Dodd and Hagel.

Governors Tim Kaine and Kathleen Sebelius

"My mom loves seeing me on lists," Virginia Governor Kaine said.

Kaine too was in Washington.

He's telling friends he's has very serious conversations with Obama about the #2 slot.

Both went to Harvard law.

Kaine speaks Spanish.

He's catholic.

And the popular Virginia Governor could give Obama a shot in a big state that hasn't gone democratic  in a presidential election since 1964 when voters there elected Lyndon Baines Johnson.

"Republicans didn't need to come, democratic candidates were like 'why bother' -- right now Virginia is definitely in play and I'm going to be helpful there in whatever capacity and I look forward to it," said Governor Kaine.

Friends say Hillary Clinton does not think she'll be Obama's pick.

John McCain was campaigning in Nevada.

On his short list are said to be Governors Jindal and Pawlenty, lawmakers Lieberman Portman, and Thune.  Tom Ridge and Mitt Romney.

Romney's Mormon faith and abortion record trouble some republicans but he seems ideal to many others.

"Governor Romney connected with millions of people around the country who looked at his economic experience, looked at his experience with the Olympics and said 'here's a guy I want to vote for, here's a guy who has a lot of energy, a lot of vitality here's somebody who I, as a republican, can get excited about," said GOP consultant Ron Christie.

When to announce running mates is tricky with the Olympics and conventions just ahead.
But even trickier is whom to pick.

And there's no hint yet that either campaign has made a final decision.