Dothan City Budget Fairing Well in Tough Economic Times

By Daniel Curtis - bio | email

Despite a slowing economy Dothan City Manager Mike West brought good news with him to Tuesday's city commission meeting.

Nine months into the fiscal year the city of Dothan is making more money than its spending.

"That doesn't mean we're out of the woods.  We continue to monitor everything because of the current state of the economy.  We monitor that on a monthly basis," said West.

West says the city's revenue is ahead of what they planned and spending is in line or in some areas a little less than what was budgeted for this year.

Through June the city has made $168,439,596 in revenue, and spent $159,848,542.

This leaves over $8,591,054.

"We have not seen some of the lull in economic activity that is in other parts of the state and other parts of the country," said West.

The city is still concerned, being a sales tax based economy they always monitor revenue trends.

However, despite the good news, Dothan is implementing cost saving trends in all departments.

"What I see is a group of individuals who are committed to serving the public," explained West.

With three months left in the fiscal year the city still remains cautious.  West said the city is ready to act if things get worse.

With this also comes the news that Dothan is expecting to go $700,000 over budget in fuel costs.