ASU Responds to NCAA Allegations

ASU Interim President William Harris
ASU Interim President William Harris

By Sally Pitts - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Alabama State University officially responds to a mountain of  NCAA rules violations. The alleged infractions took place between 19-99 and 2003. Most from the football program.  The school conducted an internal investigation. Its findings are in a 250 page response. "The document we are releasing is our written response," said Interim President William Harris.

In its response, ASU found all of the allegations to be substantially correct. We can only begin to scratch the surface, but the allegations include: Ineligible student athletes were allowed to practice, play and receive financial aid. It also claims players and recruits were given money for entertainment, food, utilities and housing. President Harris said the school is cooperating with the NCAA. He says, "The release of this document is another example of our willingness to the public understand our activities."

The report goes on to allege grade changing, and lack of institutional control. The report mentions former Head Football Coach L.C. Cole's name shows up several times in the report. The claims against him include giving money to an athlete, receiving additional income from outside sources without permission, many recruiting violations, and it claims he failed to monitor his or his staff's activities. "Alabama state university is committed to complying with NCAA legislation," added Harris.

ASU laid out a transformation plan which will expand the athletics compliance staff with three full time staff members. That transformation plan also includes the completion of a revised NCAA rules compliance manual. ASU will present the plan to the NCAA Infractions Committee. The university will go before the committee August 8th.

As for L.C. Cole, he now coaches at Texas Southern. We attempted to contact him, but were unsuccessful. developments from this story on air and on line.