Calorie Caution: Flavored water full of sugar

In the heat of the summer, we all love to reach for a cold drink.

But be careful because that flavored bottled water could be adding to your waistline.

"The flavor sometimes makes people actually drink even more.  Studies have shown if you like the flavor of what you're drinking, you'll end up drinking more," said registered dietitian Keri Glassman.

Which can be good since the experts recommend eight to ten glasses a day in the summer.

But all flavored waters are not created equal.

"Most people think, 'oh well, it's still water', and it is, but still, if it is water and it has as much sugar as a can of soda, it's really just as bad for you. Some of them might have extra vitamins in them, but really, have a glass of water with a multivitamin, if you're concerned about your vitamin intake," Glassman said.

And it's not just the sugar and calories that raise red flags.

If you choose one with zero calories it could be artificially flavored.

"We do know that artificial sweetener may lead us to want more calories later in the day, and then also, obviously, it's just better to not get them, and just to get the natural water," said Glassman.

So read the ingredients first.  Look for natural flavoring and other suggestions.

"Put a little bit of fresh fruit in it to flavor it or a little bit of squeezed lemon or lime, if that's enough to make the water taste better to you, and it helps you drink more, then absolutely, that's the best option," Glassman said.