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Update: Owners of Second Raided Montgomery Store Arrested

Police raid a local store suspected of dealing in fake merchandise. 7/31/08 Police raid a local store suspected of dealing in fake merchandise. 7/31/08
Cynthia King (Courtesy: MPD) Cynthia King (Courtesy: MPD)
Keamogetse Taukobong (Courtesy: MPD) Keamogetse Taukobong (Courtesy: MPD)
Stephanie Bahar (Courtesy: MPD) Stephanie Bahar (Courtesy: MPD)

By John Shryock - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The owners of D & C Urban Wear, one of two Montgomery stores raided last week on suspicion of selling counterfeit goods, are under arrest this afternoon. Keamogetse Taukobong and Cynthia King, both of 1120 Queensbury Drive, were arrested at their home and charged with two counts each of Theft of Trademark. They were taken to the Montgomery County Detention Facility where they are being held on $30,000 bond each.

49-year old Stephanie Bahar was arrested last week. She's the owner of the other raided store called Platinum Magic 101. Bahar was released from the Montgomery County Detention Facility Friday on $45,000 bond.

She was arrested Thursday after a police sting on the two businesses in a Norman Bridge Road shopping center. Officers showed up at Platinum Magic 101 and D & C Urban Wear unannounced where they confiscated nearly all the stores' merchandise. Investigators suspect both stores were dealing with counterfeit goods.

At Platinum Magic 101 investigators found what they think are bootlegged CDs and DVDs. Total value of property seized was estimated at over $145,000. Bahar was charged with two counts Possession of a Recorded Device and one count of Theft of Trademark.

1,164 Pairs of Nike Shoes

Police couldn't find Taukobong or King on the day of the raid so they used a crowbar to pry the doors open. Once inside, officers found fake items with brand names like Nike and Ralph Lauren. In all, detectives took more than 1,400 clothing items and 1,164 pairs of Nike shoes. Estimated value of property seized: $300,000.

"Nike will pursue prosecution against the owner [of D & C Urban Wear] for theft of their trademark," said Detective David Wizorek of the Montgomery Police Department.

As for the movies found at Platinum Magic 101, Wizorek says MPD has a representative of the Motion Picture and Recording Industry looking into the issue. Those movies would remain in police custody until each could be authenticated.

If convicted, Bahar, Taukobong and King could face up to a $250,000 fine per item seized.

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