Jay Love's Campaign Questions Bobby Bright's Campaign Signs

Good campaign strategy or a trick? That's the question surrounding the Congressional District Two race . Democrat Bobby Bright unveiled a new campaign sign, but his opponent Republican Jay Love calls it an attempt to fool voters.  "It would be funny if it weren't so dishonest," said Love Campaign Spokesman Michael Lowry.

The sign reads: "I'm a Bright Republican." Lowry says Bright's trying to make people believe he's a Republican while he runs as a Democrat. He tells us, "It's just like a sign that signs I'm an Obama Democrat. It doesn't go together."

Bright says the signs came at the request of hundreds of Republicans who support him. The campaign even made bumper stickers. Bright says it's part of his effort to reach across party lines.  "They can choose someone who represents their interests first and put the party label in the backseat. That's what we're trying to do," adds Bright. "When you're trying to tell them you're something you're not, that's a trick," said Bright.

Lowry believes the signs are an effort to fool voters into ignoring Bright's strong Democrat roots. He called on Bright to take down the signs or return money he has received from Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. "You get what you pay for and Bobby has taken a lot of liberal money. That's why he is liberal Bobby," said Lowry.

Bright responded, "Ronald Reagan said people are investing in me and my policies, not me investing in their policies. I'm proud people are investing in my ideas."

The Love camp has also called on Bright to say whether he supports Democrat Presidential Candidate Barack Obama. Bright says he doesn't know who he'll vote for in November, but tells us he voted for Republican Mike Huckabee in the primary.

Bright and Love square off November 4 in the general election.