Bullock County Committee Works to Decide Election

By Cody Holyoke - bio | email

Union Springs, Al. (WSFA) -- Nearly two months ago, Democrat Terry Jackson lost the primary election for Bullock County Commission's District 4 seat.

If you look around Bullock County, however, you can still see his campaign signs.

That's because Jackson's not going down without a fight.

With Attorney General Troy King already looking into allegations of voter fraud, Jackson called on the county's Democratic Executive Committee to settle his race between Alonzo Ellis, Jr. once and for all.

"I really didn't want it to get to this point, but I'm glad it got to this point, so people can see what's really going on here in Bullock County," Jackson said.

Saturday, in the Bullock County courthouse, the public and committee members watched and listened while subpoenaed witnesses took the stand.

Testimony included claims that residents sold their votes and signed absentee ballots for as little as five dollars.

Ellis says he had no part in any alleged wrongdoing.

"I ran a clean campaign.  I did nothing wrong, and I'm sorry that the people of Bullock County have to go through all this," he said.

It's a tough situation neither candidate wanted for their county.

With no republican running in the race, the committee's decision would place the winner of the hearing in the County Commission--something both Jackson and Ellis want as soon as possible.

"If the vote was wrong, it was wrong, but we stand confident that the people that support my client did the right thing," explained Jennifer Tompkins, Ellis' attorney.

"You can see the testimony of what really went on here in Bullock County, so we're hoping that we can clear this up so it won't happen again," Terry Jackson said.