Dothan City Schools Ready for New School Year

By Daniel Curtis - bio | email

Students and teachers in the wiregrass are getting ready for a new school year.

Public schools begin their new year Wednesday.

Principals and the city's Superintendent of education want to make sure each school is ready to welcome back the youngsters whose summer break is about to end.

"We're prepared, teachers are preparing now for the students so they can start this school year, and we're excited about what we can offer for them," says Dothan City Schools Superintendant, Dr. Sam Nichols.

Teachers are already back on the payroll; they started the new year last Friday attending a series of workshops.

Now, for students at one school, just getting there on time may be a problem.

Superintendent Nichols reminds parents of youngsters attending Highlands Elementary about on-going construction work to a bridge on Brannon Stand road.

"Parents need to be aware of that and use extreme caution when entering or leaving that school.  Of course there will be a uniform police officer on duty out there in the morning and evening when the traffic is the heaviest," says Dr. Nichols.

Nichols says, system-wide, the only problems he anticipates are from parents who wait until the last minute to register their children for the school year.

"If you haven't done so I suggest that you go immediately.  Go to your child's school and take care of that paperwork so that on the first day of school your student will already be assigned to a classroom and that will shorten that process a bit," explained Dr. Nichols.

The transition into the new year will also go smoothly if youngsters have all their needed supplies, too.

Dr. Nichols also tells WSFA 12 news that if you need any information regarding supplies, documentation needed for new students to enroll for the first time at a school, or other questions, go to the city's website,