All but Six Montgomery Schools Pass AYP

By Eileen Jones - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - While 51 or 57 schools passed and made Adequate Yearly Progress, 3 of the 4 traditional high schools failed to make A.Y.P. Lanier High School missed by the widest margin. So how does this grading system work and why is so important?

The progress youngsters make in reading and math is tested in grades 3, 8 and 11. It's a part of the national program No Child Left Behind and it's done in every school system in every state, and this year the Governor says Alabama's test scores are worth bragging about. "I think the Secretary of Education said it best. We have more reforms going on in Alabama today than any other state in the nation and it's paying off."

It's reforms like the Alabama Reading Initiative, the Math, Science and Technology Initiative, Distance Learning and new this year Pre-K that officials, like the Governor, say made the difference. "Ninety-three-point-one-nine percent. That's incredible. 93% of the schools in the state of Alabama got an 'A'. Now, that is great."

In other words, if you graded the schools on a scale of 90 to 100 is an "A" then 93% of the schools would get an "A" grade. 3% would get a "B." 2% would receive a "C"  or "D." Less than 1% would receive an "F" and one of Montgomery's High Schools is in that "F" category. It's Lanier. Montgomery Public School's Spokesperson Tom Salter says "They did not meet proficient levels in math or in reading and they missed their graduation goal by four percentage points."

Lanier missed 8 of its 15 goals and is the only traditional high school to score this low. But it will have a new principal this coming year, and a change may be on the way. "Lanier has made it before and Lanier will make it again," says Salter.

The other Montgomery schools that did not make A.Y.P. this year are Fews Alternative School, Children's Center - a school for children with disabilities, Jeff Davis, and Lee High Schools and Paterson Elementary.

In the next few days, parents of students who attend those schools will receive information in the mail explaining their options. In the meantime, no matter where you live you can find out how your school did by going to the education page of WSFA dot com.