Edouard Bears Down on Texas, Louisiana

Tropical Storm Eduard is making its way though the oil fields of the Gulf and now has residents along the coast preparing for the worst.

As Eduard moves closer to the Texas Gulf Coast, folks in Galveston know now is the time to prepare.

"The road here get flooded, so you have to leave, you know. So you can't get in or out from the highway," said homeowner Art Cantu.

Many of the beach homes on the west end of the island are at sea level and the mayor of Galveston is urging people living in or renting those vacation homes on this side of the city to move to higher ground.

"I am not insisting or recommending evacuations at this time.  I want people to make up their own minds as to whether to stay or not," said Galveston Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas.

The storm is churning its way through the Gulf in an area where a number of the big companies have oilrigs.

Shell and Chevron have evacuated workers as a precaution, but Eduard isn't expected to do any major damage.

That news actually sent oil prices down Monday.

In Galveston they are expecting high winds to cause power outages, but folks say they'll be prepared.

"We're paying attention to it, it's Galveston, you're always ready for it," Galveston resident Justin Broden said.

The tropical storm will make landfall sometime Tuesday morning.

Forecasters doubt Eduard will reach hurricane strength, but say it will dump several inches of rain along the Texas coast.