What's Hot in Back to School Fashions?

Hard to believe it's August already.

That means the first day of school will be here before you know it.
Besides picking out new supplies, most students are also thinking about some hot new duds.  
Denim, denim, denim, it is hot.

For girls it's skinny jeans, paired with flats.

Also popular, relaxed denim with a slight flare.

Also big this year, layering.

Longer tunics paired with cropped tops.

T-shirts layered with other t-shirts and kids these days aren't afraid of bold colors.

"Black and pink, brown and pink, brown goes with anything, brown and green, brown and blue," said one teen model.

And there's the menswear trend for girls, lots of vests, usually cropped and pinstripes, even ties.

For the guys it's all about being casual.

Longer shorts while it's still warm enough.

Plaids and madras are popular.

Graphic tee shirts are all the rage whether they are the classic tee shirt or a polo shirt with a graphic element added to it.

Denim is also popular with the guys.

This year the fit is more classic with five pocket styling and a straighter cut.

"The big baggies, gone. I like regular fit, lighter color, sometimes skinny jeans and sometimes looser jeans depending on how comfortable I want to feel," said one teen model.