Edouard Coverage 8/5 Noon

High winds are shown in rapidly flapping flags
High winds are shown in rapidly flapping flags

Heavy rains and strong winds continue along the Texas Gulf Coast after Tropical Storm Edouard made landfall Tuesday morning.

While the storm did not form into a hurricane, many along the coast took no chances and left the area.

Tropical Storm Edouard nearly reached hurricane strength as it made landfall along the upper-Texas Gulf Coast this morning.
The powerful storm brought high-winds and torrential rains from Galveston all the way to the Louisiana coast.

"Looked like the surf was a little rougher this morning around 5 o'clock or so and I saw the lightening and all other than that - it just sort of came in," said Raymond Hadd who was vacationing in Galveston.

While evacuations were not mandatory, many heeded warnings and headed for higher ground, but those who stayed behind said the storm wasn't to bad.

"It hasn't been much but it isn't as bad as i thought it was going to be," said vacationing Lee Killingsworth.

With minimal wind damage, the main concern now is flooding.
Meteorologists warn Edouard could bring with it a storm surge of two to four feet above normal.

"The other issue with these type of storms as they remains tropical storms for at least 12 hours as this one should at least -is the chance for severe weather - the outer bands will produce chances for some tornadoes," said Todd Santos of NBC Weather Plus.

The path of the storm took Edouard through the crowded oil fields of the Gulf of Mexico.

While some oil companies evacuated rig workers, the storm did not do any damage to the oil fields, a welcomed break for Wall Street and gas prices.

Edouard is expected to weaken throughout the day as it continues to move inland leaving many feeling like they dodged a disaster.

Famed hurricane forcaster William Gray of Colorado State University has updated his forecast for this year.
He now predicts 17 named storms for the season with nine becoming hurricanes and five becoming intense hurricanes.