Woman Bills State for Wasted Gas

An Ohio woman wants the Michigan Department of Transportation to foot the bill for money she wasted on gas while sitting in construction traffic.

Back in late July, re-striping on Interstate 275 where it merges with I-75 caused major gridlock.

Carol Greenberg figured she wasted about four gallons of gas while forced to wait in the traffic.

When she got home she typed up a bill for MDOT asking for $16, complete with a 30-day pay period and a late fee.

In an email response, a spokesperson apologized for the inconvenience, but says it's not MDOT's policy to reimburse motorists for lost time, wages, or gas when traveling through work zones.

MDOT argued if they paid out for one, they'd have to pay for all.

Greenberg maintains this was about more than just money.

"It's more about principle than money, and I think I did get a rise out of them," Greenberg said.