Setting a Fishing Record at Age 104

A Wisconsin nursing home's monthly fishing trip recently pulled in some bragging rights.

The record setting small mouth bass is impressive, but, the best part of this big fish story is the little lady who pulled it in.

Rose Kunkel might not have the best technique when it comes to casting, but she sure knows how to reel in the keepers.

"You just keep pulling. Just keep winding. Don't stop. Just keep going," she said.

At age 104, Rose recently pulled in her biggest catch to date: A 17 inch, four pound small mouth bass

It's simple advice from a pretty spunky Ladysmith lady.

"She has a lot of energy. A wonderful personality. It's kind of like working with my teenage kids," Ladysmith Nursing Home Activity Director Kara Douglass said.

Kara says Rose wasn't originally a part of the fishing plan.

The trip was "guys only" at first.

"We were talking about it in the dining room and I heard this little voice say 'I'll go fishing. I love to fish.' I said "OK Rose, you can go fishing with us," Kara recalled.

After five minutes at the dock, Rose, in her little voice, announced her catch.

Rose had her fish, but, Kara didn't have a net!

"I didn't think we'd catch fish! Not big ones," she said. "I was pulling the line and Rose was cranking and cranking and I swung it over and it landed at her feet and she goes 'Oh dear, that is a big fish and I didn't even spit on the bait for good luck!'"

Turns out Rose didn't need the luck and was just happy for her chance to get outside and fish like she's always loved to do.

"It's always nice to be near the water. I've known how to fish since I was small," she said.

After 104 years, Rose Kunkel now has her very own big fish tale.

Rose will get to keep her trophy bass.

Kara says Wildlife Creations Taxidermy is mounting the fish free of charge for the Kunkel family.