Alabama State University Releases Gas Price Survey

MONTGOMERY, AL - The Center for Leadership and Public Policy at Alabama State University is releasing its finding in a recently completed 2008 gas price survey. The survey was taken from May 13 through July 16 and represents the answers given by 587 Montgomerians and citizens from surrounding counties. ASU says each person surveyed was above the age of 18.

Here are the results from that study:

  • When asked if they were taking fewer daily trips for shopping as a result of high gas prices, 78 percent of the respondents agreed that they were. Twenty percent indicated that their travel habits for shopping had not changed.
  • When asked about planning pleasure trips, 74 percent of those taking the survey said they would be taking fewer trips, a 9 percent increase from the responses in 2005 (65 percent).
  • When asked if they were more aware of their vehicle's gas mileage, 86 percent of those responding said they were, as compared to 79 percent in 2005.
  • When asked about shopping gas prices, 84 percent of those surveyed said that they shop gasoline prices more closely than in the past. However, only about one third (38 percent) of the respondents said they would consider trading their vehicles because of gas mileage.
  • When asked if they would consider purchasing a hybrid vehicle because of the fuel savings, 43 percent said they would, an increase of seven percent over 2005 responses.
  • When asked if they would delay making other significant purchases, 61 percent of those responding said they would. This response rate represents a 17 percent increase from 2005.
  • Respondents were in agreement when asked if they thought the increases in gas prices were just oil companies after more profit. Eighty-four percent agreed that profit motive was involved and only 13 percent disagreed.

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