Man Steals School Bus, Goes on Joyride

Knox County, Tennessee school bus contractor Bill Gentry says "he's ruining my credibility as an operator, as a company.

Bill Gentry is frustrated, watching video trasmitted from one of his buses stolen earlier this week.

Bill says "you've got some yahoo, jumps it and steals it for a joyride."

Bus 78 sat on the Gentry lot in Fountain City until, Gentry says, "one day we went out there to retrieve it to do some work on it this week and the bus wasn't there."

One item the driver probably hasn't noticed is a security camera located on the bus.  It starts recording anytime there's an abrupt stop.  That video is then sent to the bus office and apparently this driver has hit the brakes a whole lot.

Manager Greg Gentry has reviewed numerous clips.  The video shows a man driving around Fountain City several times.

Greg says "it looks like he's pulling into a station on Broadway. He's taking a break."

Bill says "you've got a crazy driver out there."

Gentry hopes the ride ends before school starts.

Bill says "a child could be picked up by some derelict.  It could be used a some kind of a weapon."

The bus was eventually found in Dooley, Georgia, south of Atlanta.

No word on the whereabouts of the driver.