New School Year Promises To Be Different For Montgomery County Private School

Jackie Frost passed away from cancer before the new school year started.
Jackie Frost passed away from cancer before the new school year started.
Frost (pink shirt, center) enjoys a roller coaster ride!
Frost (pink shirt, center) enjoys a roller coaster ride!

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - As Jackie Frost's daughter and husband begin the sad chore of packing up Frost's mementos in her school office at East-Macon Montgomery Academy, they remember a lady who lived with a burning passion; educating children.

"She treated all kids like they were her own," said Kristi Springer.

In fact, Jackie Frost was at work one week ago today. She even signed another one-year contract but Frost died 3 days later in her sleep.

"Her body fought it as long as it could," said Head of School Jim Arrington.

Frost initially defeated breast cancer in 1993 and it was that kind of determination, that focus she passed on to her students and teachers.

"She had high expectations. She disciplined the kids but they knew she loved them," said Arrington.

And so did Terrica Carlisle who teaches Calculus and Geometry at the school. Carlisle remembers a woman who was so much more than an educator and a boss, but one who extended a mother's protection beyond the halls of learning. Carlisle and Frost knew each other for more than 30 years.

"I was on a blind date and she wouldn't know who they were. She would park in the parking lot and get their tag number and make sure they were okay," Carlisle said with a laugh.

Before becoming principal, Jackie Frost taught science. Frost loved everything science. That's why students dedicated a butterfly garden to her and yet Frost wasn't all about hard work.

"She had a great sense of humor. Her laughter would fill a room," said Carlisle.

Laughter in the face of cancer that came back in 2004. Even when she didn't feel well, Jackie Frost absolutely refused to back down.

"She would be tired and hurting but then she would say 'I'm over that' and go to work," said Springer.

Arrington says East-Macon Montgomery Academy will carry on.

"To be honest she would want that," Arrington said.

And so will Springer.

"The one thing she taught me was to just live," Springer said.

And live she did. Jackie Frost was 59.

Jackie Frost spent more than 25 years as an educator. The last 12 at East-Macon Montgomery Academy.