Jay Love Meets with Local Farmers

By Daniel Curtis - bio | email

HENRY COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - Farmers across the country are fighting higher prices on essentials like fuel and fertilizer; making it harder to harvest a crop.

Thursday morning Republican congressional candidate Jay Love met with Henry County farmers to find out what they want done.

A lot has changed since Curry Parker started farming nearly 40 years ago.

"There are no young people in agriculture and they don't want to get involved in it," says Parker.

That's because Curry has seen the cost of farming grow faster than his crops.

One of the biggest concerns for these farmers is that prices continue to rise on things like fuel and fertilizer making it harder for them to keep their tractors running out in the fields.

"In the past three years my fuel bill has gone up four times," says Parker.

Five years ago Parker didn't even have to budget fuel because it was so low.

"This year on my family farm we've already spent $100,000.

Parker and other farmer's struggles aren't going unnoticed.  District 2 congressional candidate Jay Love travelled to Headland to meet with farmers one on one.

"Let them know I understand what they're going through with fertilizer prices and fuel prices," explained Love.

But help is coming too late for some.

"The profit was less and less and the expenses were going up so I had to get out of it," said Franklin Swann, who had to quit farming.

As for parker he's sticking it out for now hoping for a better future, but if conditions get worse all that will remain is the past.