District 2 Race Hits National Newspaper's Front Page

Bright's camp thought the article was fair.
Bright's camp thought the article was fair.
Michael Lowery of the Jay Love camp says the article was biased.
Michael Lowery of the Jay Love camp says the article was biased.

By Eileen Jones - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - South Alabama's heated District 2 Congressional race is now making national headlines, in the Wall Street Journal, no less.

Not only does the article appear in the Wall Street Journal, it's on the front page, and the story is getting two different reactions.

"It's disappointing," says Jay Love spokesman Michael Lowery.

"I'm pleased. I'm very pleased," says Bobby Bright.

From those two reactions you can tell that the article gives news that Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright wants to hear and Alamaba State Representative Jay love does not.

"It's a very biased article in our opinion," Lowry said, "because again it didn't take any opportunity to meet Jay Love, talk with Jay Love or do anything to get our perspective on the race."

"I didn't solicit this," Bright says. "They [The Wall Street Journal] came to me. Ok? Why they came to me I have no idea."

The WSJ usually takes conservative positions on issues, but now has an article that says the republican gains in the south, and specifically in District 2, should not be taken for granted.

"What we've seen is people are looking for good conservative candidates," Lowery says, "who represent their values. And that's really what Jay has focused on and who Jay is. Voters see that and connect with it. So, it's a different story I believe in this district."

The article goes on to say political parties like the democrats are no longer supporting candidates who will carry the parties agenda. Instead the parties are looking for candidates who can win.

Lowery agrees with the winning part saying, "Every party is going to look for a candidate that can win, but the simple story here is that this is a conservative district that's looking for a candidate like Jay Love whose going to support the moral and conservative values of this district. "

"The people are tired of electing a party. They want a representative. They want someone who cares about them."

Republican David Grimes, who was defeated for this seat in the primary, agrees with the article. "I think Jay Love will do a good job but, I would like to see the republicans hold that position in Congress, but I think Bobby has a very, very good run on Jay and Jay can not take it for granted that he's going to win [just] because he's a republican."

Those with the Jay Love campaign say they're planning to contact the reporter of the article to ask for equal time.

If Love wins the seat come November, Governor Bob Riley will call a special election to fill his vacant house seat. If Mayor Bright wins, the President of the Montgomery City Council, Charles Jinright, would take over temporarily until a new mayor is elected, also in a special election.