Editorial: High Definition

For the past four years, WSFA's offered viewers both analog and digital broadcast channels.

We've also broadcast NBC programs in high definition, a premium digital viewing experience, as you will see with the Olympics, the first broadcast entirely in high definition.

This week we began broadcasting all of our local newscasts in high definition, joining a select group in the country offering that service.

Later this month, we will begin broadcasting SEC football games in high definition.

You've heard about the Big Switch. What you might not be hearing is you can watch digital television today. WSFA broadcasts three digital channels.

In six months, we turn off our analog channel, mandated by law. That's the Big Switch.

The reality is you can switch now with a new television and antenna and see our digital channels, and the local Fox, ABC, CBS and public television digital channels.

The money you'd spend on the TV would be saved by not having to pay cable or satellite for television service!