Montgomery Buses Get Final Check before Rolling

By Jennifer Oravet - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Approximately 15,000 Montgomery County students will be up early next week headed to the bus stop.

On Thursday, administrators gave the bus fleet a final "once over" before they hit the road.

Everyone's hard at work at the Montgomery bus barn making repairs for the first day of school.

Superintendent John Dilworth stopped by to check out the buses with fleet managers, and there's good news. This year's state inspection showed only 3 of the 264 buses in the school sysptems' convoy needed repairs.

It's an important number when you consider the buses drive 250 routes per day, adding up to more than 11,000 miles!

"Even though there's a lot riding on these wheels...bus drivers still say it's the safest way to get your children to school," says Dilworth.

Parents can also call the system's school bus hotline at 223-6900 to set up their childrens' bus stop location.