How Much Will School Supplies Cost You?

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Before they hit the books, students have to get their tools for school. Your child probably has a list of supplies to take on that first day of classes and they're not cheap. So how much will they set you back?

Our shopping cart in tow and list in hand, we set out to find our school supplies. First on the list, the basics: pens, pencils and paper, but that's just for starters. Our cart quickly filled up. "wow! we're going to spend a lot of money," said Parent Tara Whatley when she saw her child's list.

Parents say the lists seem to get longer every school year. "First off I think, are they really going to use all these things," said Jackie Thompson.

It adds up considering most parents have more than one child to buy for. Thompson says she spends, "Average about $50 per child."  For Whatley, "Average about $150 for two kids."

Once we checked all the items off our list, we headed to the register. Our grand total: $65.27. "Just for the basic supplies," said Thompson.

Thankfully, Whatley says it's one time shopping. "It last for the whole year. You don't have to go back anymore. It lasts all year," she tells WSFA 12 News.