Daycare Drug Bust

Police have arrested two men accused of selling drugs out of an in-home day care center in the Florida town of Mandarin.

Mark Scott, 28, and Brian Armbruster, 27, are facing felony charges of possession and sale of a controlled substance 1000 feet from a child care facility.

The arrests followed weeks of undercover work.

Neighbors said Scott's mother operated the daycare out of the home, but she did not live there.

Neighbors said Scott did live there and they saw heavy traffic at night and, at times, during the day.

"I guess it was suspected that there was things going on that shouldn't be, but with the daycare there you just don't want to believe that someone would put children's lives in jeopardy like that," said neighbor Dianna Osbourne.

Thursday afternoon, the power was cut off from the home and a sign was posted on the front door warning people to stay out.

Toys littered the front yard.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says undercover officers posing as drug buyers went to the home last month, where one of the suspect's led them to a bedroom.

The officer asked for two grams of powder cocaine and whatever's left over of the $150 she had to spend to go toward marijuana.

Officers watched the suspect go into the bathroom to weigh the marijuana.

The suspect came back out and handed a bag of powder cocaine and a bag of marijuana to the officer.

Two weeks later a narcotics team searched the home.

The same day police stopped the two suspects driving by the day care.

Investigators found a scale with residue in the car, baggies of powder cocaine, and a bag of marijuana.

Scott is being held on $75,000 bond.

Armbruster's bond is set at $50,000.