Cops Behaving Badly

Four Chicago police officers were fired and two suspended in decisions released Thursday by the city's police board.

The accusations against the officers included sex while on duty, demands of free coffee, threats to cause bodily harm, perjury, bigamy, drug confiscation and peddling.

Officer Barbara Nevers of the Belmont police district was suspended for 15 months and ordered into counseling after she was found guilty of demanding free Starbucks coffee from five different stores on the North Side from 2001 to 2004, sometimes flashing her badge, displaying her gun and screaming at employees.

Sgt. Nicholas M. Ortega was fired after he was found guilty of entering a bar in uniform, giving a ride to an unauthorized person in his squad car and having sex with a woman in or near the sergeants' office in the Grand-Central police district on the Northwest Side in 2005.

Officer Kevin Waters was fired after he was found guilty of threatening to slit a man's throat in a bar in southwest suburban Merrionette Park, using a racial epithet and lying to Chicago Police Internal Affairs investigators.

Officer Cardinal Castillo was fired after he was found guilty of striking a woman in the face and leaving profane voice mails on her answering machine in 2004 and 2005.

Officer Robert E. Taylor Sr. was fired after he was found guilty of perjury before a judge in 2004.

He was accused of being married to two women at the same time.

Officer Joseph Battaglia was suspended for more than 15 months after he was found guilty of telling Trotter's to Go restaurant employees in 2004 that he had confiscated "weed" and asked if they wanted some.